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Welcoming the New Chinese Outbound Tourists-Guest relationships with Chinese visitors in the 2020s

This insight-packed new handbook is written specifically for tourism stakeholders, destination authorities, government officials and businesses in related sectors. It provides practical advice on every page for strategy development, product adaptation, marketing and sales to group and individual tourists.

COTRI Analytics

COTRI Analytics, used by Bloomberg L.P. since 2015, provides the most reliable data and analysis for 80 key destinations to companies, organisations and media outlets around the world. COTRI Analytics empowers the users to deeply understand the Chinese outbound tourism market, to recognise trends and guide their investment and other business strategy decisions.

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How can COTRI help?

With the opening of the borders, Chinese travellers are starting to travel outbound again. Tourism and hospitality service providers, destinations and retailers need to prepare for the new wave of post-virus customers from China, who have new demands and expectations. Based on decades of research, practical experience and a dedicated global network, COTRI offers sustainable and profitable solutions in customised market research, consulting, strategy development and implementation, state-of-the-art online training programmes and a wide range of quantitative data. COTRI at your service!

Why Chinese outbound tourism?

China Outbound Tourism is restarting. Soon China will again be the biggest tourism source market in the world. 170 million outbound trips started in Mainland China in 2019, for 2023 we expect 110 million trips. In the post-virus world, Chinese outbound travellers move from sightseeing to experience, from brands to lifestyle and from Disney to authentic nature and culture. They are looking for new destinations, new offers and new activities. Feeling welcome, safe and satisfied by products adapted to their specific needs and expectation will let them recommend your services to their peers for a sustainable and profitable business.


Since Jan. 8th, 2023, Chinese passports are issued again, outbound teams in Chinese tour operator companies and visa departments of the consulates increase the number of staff, airlines bring back routes and multiply frequencies resulting in affordable tickets.

From Feb. 6th, 2023, group travel is permitted again after more than three years to selected destinations.

The second quarter of 2023 and especially the second half of 2023 will see a wave of Chinese outbound visitors, looking for new experiences and new destinations.


For 2023: 110 million border crossings from Mainland China, reaching 2/3 of the level of 2019. 

For 2024: 170-180 million border crossings from Mainland China, overtaking the 2019 level.


COTRI offers support on different levels to bring destinations and tourism and hospitality service providers back on track with up-to-date publications, trainings, workshops, market intelligence and strategy development.


All services and products are available in English.

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COTRI Weekly

Relevant selected articles and a custom-made Editorial are delivered every Tuesday.

COTRI Youtube Channel

Record of Webinar Jan 17th, 2023
– Talking about the new publication by COTRI

The authors of the new e-Handbook “88 Practical Ways to Prepare for the New Wave of Chinese Visitors – China Outbound Tourism Handbook 2023” discuss opportunities and challenges for the global tourism industry with Anita Chan.

Webinar Jan 24th, 2023 – China’s new tourists

China’s borders are opening up! After 3 years the world welcomes back Chinese Tourists. Their demands and expectations have changed, they are looking for new destinations and new activities. The international expert panel will analyses the opportunities and challenges. New book publication about Chinese visitors will be announced.

Podcast The Southeast Asia Travel Show
– China Reopens

It’s January and almost Lunar New Year – so it’s time to look forward with both hope and a dash of realism. So, what does the 2023 travel year promise for countries across South East Asia, the travel industry and travellers themselves?


88 Practical ways to prepare for the New Wave of Chinese visitors.
China Outbound Tourism Handbook 2023 -
Brand new handbook written by Wolfgang Georg Arlt and Gary Bowerman

China Outbound Recovery

In-house Offline Training and Workshop – One day to get up-to-date information and insights about China’s New Wave as a tool to develop the new strategy to use the opportunities of the restart of China’s outbound tourism.


  • Online CTT China Tourism Training Basic Edition 2023 – Completely updated 3-hour self-administered online training including COTRI certification 

AVAILABLE FROM FEB 20th, 2023, pre-order from training@china-outbound.com

  • Online CTT China Tourism Training Advanced Edition 2023 – Completely updated 6-hour self-administered online training including COTRI certification 

AVAILABLE FROM MARCH 20th, 2023, pre-order from training@china-outbound.com

  • Online CTT China Tourism Training Advanced Edition 2023 Industry-specific add-on modules – Special information and Best Practice examples for specific industry branches: Destinations, Tour Operator, Retailer, Attractions, Transportation, Hospitality. Completely updated 2-hour self-administered online training including COTRI certification

AVAILABLE FROM APRIL 2023, pre-order from training@china-outbound.com

  • In-house intensive customised CTT trainings and In-house C-level One-to-One Immersion trainings

AVAILABLE, for further information contact training@china-outbound.com


Quantitative data for 80 destinations. Socio-demographics of Chinese visitors per destination travel motivation, travel form, etc. Quarterly data since 2012.

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360 degrees package for customised Social Media content by Chinese travel influencers: Video, Blogs, Photos, and illustrations. 

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Organising Meetings including invitations and customised trainings for Chinese Business group visits. 

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  • Market Research & Strategy Development for companies and destinations

  • Meaningful Tourism Development Implementation

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