Welcoming the New Chinese Outbound Tourists
Guest relationships with Chinese visitors in the 2020s

Philip Dodd, BBC broadcaster, China Business News 2015: 'One of the Top Intellectuals in the World': "Let’s in a whiff of relevant history, looks forward to a post CoViD world driven by Chinese tourism; the book is rich in data and practical recommendations; promiscuous in its references and savvy in its observations - this is a one stop shop for the tourism professional who needs to know where we have been, where we are going - and what needs to be done. Read it at your peril - it may change your view of the market for Chinese tourists."

COTRI Analytics

COTRI Analytics, used by Bloomberg L.P. since 2015, provides the most reliable data and analysis for 80 key destinations to companies, organisations and media outlets around the world. COTRI Analytics empowers the users to deeply understand the Chinese outbound tourism market, to recognise trends and guide their investment and other business strategy decisions.

Why Chinese outbound tourism?

China remains the biggest tourism source market in the world. 170 million outbound trips started in Mainland China in 2019, at least the same number can be expected again for 2022. In the post-virus world, Chinese outbound travellers move from sightseeing to experience, from brands to lifestyle and from Disney to authentic nature and culture. They are looking for new destinations, new offers and new activities. Feeling welcome, safe and satisfied by products adapted to their specific needs and expectation will let them recommend your services to their peers for a sustainable and profitable business.

How can COTRI help?

With the end of the SARS2-CoV19 pandemic in sight, Chinese travellers are eagerly awaiting to start travelling outbound again. Tourism and hospitality service providers, destinations and retailers need to prepare for the new wave of post-virus customers from China, who have new demands and expectations. Based on decades of research, practical experience and a dedicated global network, COTRI offers sustainable and profitable solutions in customised market research, consulting, strategy development and implementation, state-of-the-art online training programmes and a wide range of quantitative data. COTRI at your service!

Built upon strong partnerships and a dynamic working environment, COTRI serves as the leading independent organisation in the field of Chinese outbound tourism, both helping clients to forge profitable relations with Chinese customers, as well as fostering the growth of Chinese outbound tourism.



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