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After three long years, a new wave of travellers from China has started which will bring China back to the position as the biggest international tourism source market within 2023. The bottlenecks passports, visa and air connections are swiftly disappearing, allowing the pent-up demand for business trips, honeymoons, and family visits to leisure and special interest trips.

Since almost 20 years COTRI has supported international service providers and destinations to cater successful and sustainably for Chinese visitors, from the years dominated by package tours and shopping at “must-see” destinations to the new wave of visits to newly discovered destinations for new experiences and activities in smaller customised groups or as FITs.

Information – Adaptation – Success, COTRI is providing support along all steps of the way, based on
continuous research, decades of experience, specialisation and long-term partnerships.


Which strategy is the right one for the New Wave of Chinese Visitors, which segments of the source market are fitting with your products and services, how to restart the engagement with the Chinese market?

China Outbound Recovery offers within a single day workshop orientation, information, insights and answers for strategy and next steps, in-house or virtual.

Morning session: Compact training focussing on changes and new opportunities.
Afternoon session: Result-oriented development of practical consequences and the roadmap for 2023 and beyond.






The CTT is offered online in three steps: Basic – Advanced and Add-ons for different industries


CTT China Tourism Training Edition 2023, completely updated!

CTT BASIC online training:

  • 3 hours self-administered for entry and re-entry


CTT ADVANCED online training:

  • 6 hours self-administered with all necessary tools for management decisions


CTT ADD-ONS online training:

  • 2 hours self-administered Industry specific add-on modules for different industries


CTT China Tourism Training Edition 2023 as half-day or full day customised in-house training

Quantitative and socio-demographic data for 80 countries and destinations, 2011-2023

Customised Data sets, forecasts, additional indicators on demand

Standard and customised workshops as stand-alone or in connection with projects, events, trainings. Half day or full-day, online or offline in English, German, Italian, Spanish. Strategy, Marketing, Market Segments etc.

Based on dozens of successful consulting projects all over the world, decades of
experience and scientific methods including the Meaningful Tourism paradigm, exactly the needed solution from market research to implementation.



Social media marketing is the way to the Chinese market – but only if based on consumer-centred storyfication and User Generated-Content. Stop wasting money, start getting results.

Supporting the organisation of Business delegation visits from
invitation letter to customised trainings, from goodwill-trip to
serious cooperation.


Companies and organisations can show to the world there success with the new Chinese market. Chinese Tourist Welcoming Award 2023 – Apply before May 8th, 2023!

The first major event in China to restart the dialogue between Chinese and international service providers and destinations. Free entry to fair and conference!





COTMI China Outbound Tourism Market Intelligence, the new weekly publication in many languages and many different regional editions. Clear, concise, global and regional, with facts, data and analysis. COTMI subscribers – the Club everybody seriously interested in Chinese consumer behaviour and outbound tourism needs to join!

An insight-packed new handbook written specifically for tourism stakeholders, destination authorities, government officials and businesses in related sectors. It provides practical advice on every page for strategy development, product adaptation, marketing and sales to group and individual tourists. This handbook is available in Italian, Spanish, French and German versions.




Introduction into the Meaningful Tourism paradigm, followed by many Best Practice Examples helping destinations, companies and organisations to create their own concepts and strategies based on the positive experiences of successful initiatives from around the world.

An interesting and informing way to understand the development of China’s outbound tourism in past years: eBooks of issues of the COTRI MARKET REPORT, the BEST EDITORIALS of COTRI Weekly and the 2021 outlook into the future of China’s outbound tourism

A free selection of the most important articles published each week on China’s outbound tourism, an update on COTRI’s activities and offers and a glimpse into the content of the COTMI edition of the week.

An interesting and informing way to understand the development of China’s outbound tourism in past years: eBooks of issues of the COTRI MARKET REPORT, the BEST EDITORIALS of COTRI Weekly and the 2021 outlook into the future of China’s outbound tourism



Followed by more than 20,000 LinkedIn users, the LinkedIn pages of COTRI and of Prof. Dr. Arlt offer a constant flow of comments, articles and observations.


More articles




Timeline: Development of COTRI and China outbound tourism
1978 First visit of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arlt to People’s Republic of China
2004 Start of COTRI with offices in Stralsund and Beijing, first CTW Award with ceremony at ITB Berlin
2004 China outbound start of strong growth after ADS sytem allows tourism visa for many countries
2006 First Chinese-language website for provincial DMO in Germany produced by COTRI
2007 Start of Chinese outbound tourism trainings by COTRI in different countries
2008 COTRI moves to Heide/Holstein
2012 China achieves status as biggest international tourism source market
2015 COTRI starts data supply to Bloomberg
2016 COTRI moves to Hamburg
2018 CTW China Tourist Welcome Award co-organised with
2020 China closes borders due to pandemic, COTRI closes Beijing office
2023 Restart China outbound tourism
2023 COTRI signs cooperation agreement with ETC European Tourism Commission
2023 Restart CTW Award in Guangzhou during GITF Conference
2023 Start COTMI weekly publication


Born 1957 in West-Berlin, M.A. Sinology FU Berlin,
Mandarin courses Fu-Jen University Hsinchu/Taiwan, Cantonese courses CU Hong Kong First visit to People’s Republic of China
1986-1999 Tour operator for trips to (1986-89) and from (1991-1999) China
2002 PhD (Dr. rer.pol.) FU Berlin
2002-2020 Professor for International Tourism Management FH Stralsund / FH Westküste,
Guest professor in China, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand
Since 2004 Founder and CEO COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute
Since 2021 Founder and CEO MTC Meaningful Tourism Center
Fellow Royal Geographical Society (London) und Fellow Royal Asiatic Society (London)
Research Fellow Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science (Tokyo), Fellow International Association of China Tourism Studies
(Guangzhou), Member Expert Committee WTCF World Tourism Cities Federation (Beijing) Publications include:
Arlt: China’s Outbound Tourism (2006/2011), (Routledge)
Arlt: Chinese outbound tourism in the post-SARS-CoV-2 era, in: Wen, J., Kozak, M. (eds.): Chinese Outbound Tourist Behaviour
(2022), (Routledge)
Arlt: Meaningful Tourism. Best Practice Examples for a Sustainable Future (2022), (COTRI)
Arlt/Bowerman: 88 Practical Ways to Prepare for the next Wave of Chinese visitors (2023), (COTRI)
Arlt/Bowerman: The Return of Chinese Outbound Tourism (2023), (Routledge





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