EDITORIAL: Tourist Dispersal

As Chinese travellers seek out more novel destinations, the industry service providers need to match them

by Christopher Ledsham, M.A.

The ‘Ctrip Customized Travels of Chinese Visitors to Europe’ report published earlier this year showed clearly that the trendsetters in Chinese outbound travel are looking to get off of the beaten track in order to get away from the crowds and enjoy more culture-focused ‘experience’-based travel activities.

Such travel patterns – standing in contrast to the ‘overtourism’ suffered in many major destinations – frequently involved Chinese visitors reaching destinations which have no experience in hosting guests from China and have accordingly not been trained in accommodating their needs effectively, since such activities are most frequently carried out in more traditional centres of tourism.

On an industry level, this shortfall is especially crucial in light of the ongoing China-Canada Year of Tourism, China-Turkey Tourism Year and the EU-China Tourism Years – one of the stated goals of which is to encourage the dispersal of Chinese visitors in Europe to such ‘lesser known’ destinations.

Consequently, in light of the need for training that is both highly accessible and addresses wider sectors of industry, COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Hotel and Tourism Management are launching the online-based CTT China Tourism Training programme

Officially launching today at the TTM Travel Trade Market in Sichuan capital Chengdu, CTT will combine the topical and technical expertise of SHTM and COTRI to deliver a premium online training programme with five specialised training tracks in the fields of Hospitality, Destinations, Retail, Attractions and Transport. The first training, Hospitality, will be available from November 2018, while the following four programmes will start from January 2019.

For more information regarding the CTT China Tourism Training programme, please see China Tourism Training (CTT) page.