Editorial: Deep insights plus fresh update

Deep insights plus fresh update

First CTT CoViD-19 Update published

by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arlt FRGS FRAS

Dear Reader,

In the editorial two weeks ago, we talked about the new COTRI publications. The first one, Chinese Outbound Tourism 2017-2019 Week by Week. The 100 Best Editorials of COTRI WEEKLY can directly be downloaded as eBook and pdf file with a few clicks from www.china-outbound.com/ebooks/

We also mentioned last time that the online CTT China Tourism Training, which provides in five tracks detailed information about China’s Outbound Tourism and a university certification for successful participants, will be supplemented by a CTT CoViD-19 Update starting this month. It provides participants of the CTT online trainings and the CTT Alumni Network with up-to-date information about the development of China’s outbound tourism in times of the Corona virus. In this publication, changes in the demand and expectations of Chinese outbound travellers for future trips are discussed in detail structured into the same sequence of chapters as the CTT online trainings. Some readers asked for more information about that publication.

The CTT China Tourism Training itself is up-to-date with its wealth of information and practical advice about the cultural background of demands of the different segments of Chinese travellers, the structure of the Chinese tourism industry, the main communication and marketing channels, culture, etc. The large number of Best Practice Examples helps to develop ideas for the product of the participants’ company itself. The reasons why Chinese have been travelling outbound have not changed and will bring back Chinese onto the international market as soon as it becomes possible for them to travel again. Domestically, tourism is already back, with more than 100 million trips in the first week of May alone and the number of local aircrafts in the Chinese sky back to pre-virus levels.

Nevertheless, the three months of anxiety and lockdown, the economic consequences of the virus in China and its development into a pandemic dramatically changed the number of outbound trips not only in a quantitative way since the end of January. There have also been qualitative changes, from the rise of new social media platforms to the increased interest of Chinese to visit nature, to travel with their family and of course in the question of safety and sanitation.

As the situation is still developing day by day and keeping in mind that each of the five CTT training tracks (Hospitality, Destinations, Retail, Attractions, Transportation) is made up of about 400 videos, lectures, texts, and other elements, the most efficient and thorough way to update CTT is the production of a special monthly CTT CoViD-19 Update.

With many destinations in Europe and Asia starting to open their borders and lifting their quarantine regimes, we will probably already in June see the first Chinese outbound visitors again. Many of the trips not possible in the first half of 2020 are not cancelled but postponed. That is why deep insights and fresh updates are a good combination to prepare for the next wave of Chinese visitors.

The monthly CTT CoViD-19 Update is now available, but, sorry, only for participants of CTT during and after the training as participants and subsequently as members of the CTT Alumni Network. It is free of charge for CTT participants and CTT Alumni Network members (the lifelong membership is free as well, by the way), it is not sold outside the CTT.

Stay healthy and best wishes from Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arlt and the COTRI WEEKLY team!

COTRI Intelligence

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