Editorial: The Wait is Over

First CTT China Tourism Training goes online this week!

by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arlt FRGS FRAS

Dear Readers,

According to COTRI’s research forecast, 180 million trips will originate in Mainland China in 2019. With such large numbers, the market is definitely going to become more and more fragmented. This would mean that different tourism service providers need even more specific advice and insights into this important market, especially to attract the more affluent visitors from China who stay longer and away from main seasons and places, and who are more interested in experiences and customised products than just in package-tour sightseeing.

COTRI and its partners have been offering CTW Chinese Tourist Welcome face-to-face trainings for more than ten years. We still have a steady flow of participants, as CTW provides for many companies the basic training tailored to the Chinese outbound market. With the growing demand for such services, the growing complexity, and the growing experience of many tourism service providers, it has become necessary to provide online trainings on top of these face-to-face trainings, which can be done by individual participants or company-organised groups alike, whenever and wherever they choose. Apart from this flexibility, CTT China Tourism Training offers more branch-specific trainings to cater to the information needs of different parts of the tourism industry.

COTRI has been lucky to collaborate with The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM) for the brand-new CTT China Tourism Training, which is strives to be the global standard online training for the Chinese Outbound Tourism Market, aimed at tourism professionals worldwide working with the Chinese market. SHTM is one of the globally top-ranked tourism schools and has extensive technical experience with running large-scale online trainings. As a government-run university they are also able to provide a verified university certification.

The CTT online training programme offers practical information about the Chinese outbound tourism market in the form of five branch-specific tracks – Hospitality, Destinations, Retail, Attractions, and Transportation. After more than a year of hard work, the very first chapter, CTT Hospitality, is going online this week. CTT Destinations will follow next month, and the other three CTT tracks during June.

All CTT online trainings are in English. They consist of eight chapters of 90 minutes, so altogether twelve hours tuition with many additional materials and links for further studies. A cornerstone of CTT are Best Practice Examples, drawn from a wide range of high-level industry sources from many countries, offered in the form of videos, interviews, websites, and other materials provided by leading global tourism service providers and Chinese industry experts. The practical knowledge is given a solid base with lectures from COTRI experts and videos featuring Chinese tourists discussing their needs and expectations.

Successful CTT participants receive a verified university certificate. It provides participants with a valuable proof of their special skills and abilities in working with the Chinese market. They also become members of the CTT Alumni Network (CTTAN), which offers networking, live events and a job portal and of the prestigious SHTM Alumni Association. For companies purchasing bigger quantities of trainings, co-branding or additional customised tutorials are offered.

We hope that the CTT programme will help many of our COTRI WEEKLY readers and other colleagues to understand the Chinese outbound tourism market better and to be successful in offering customised and profitable services to the Chinese visitors.

An information video and additional information can be found on: https://china-outbound.com/china-tourism-training/.

With best wishes for the week!

Best regards,

The COTRI WEEKLY Team and Wolfgang Georg Arlt

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