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ADVANTAGE: TOURISM Masterclass coming at the right time

by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arlt FRGS FRAS

Dear Readers,

the United Kingdom and Bahrain have given approval to the first vaccine from a Western company, the USA is supposed to follow during this week. At the same time Russia and China are giving vaccines already since June to selected groups of people being especially exposed to risks – like soldiers or Chinese students going abroad to study in countries with high levels of CoViD-19 cases, which means practically all countries in the Americas, Western Asia and Europe. China will provide hundreds of millions of vaccines to 16 countries including Brazil, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Chile and others, which participated in trials for the five vaccines from China that made it to Phase 3 testing in recent months. Four producers are in the race in China – CanSino based in Tianjin, CNBG of Wuhan, Beijing’s Sinovac, and ZFLongkema based in Anhui. China has also joined the COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access facility and the global Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations to support the distribution of vaccines to rich and poor countries alike.

All this much-anticipated developments make sure that the timing is right for the ADVANTAGE: TOURISM Masterclass for a sustainable Recovery and Resilience programme for the Chinese outbound tourism market, which will take place three times in this week.

Speakers will include yours truly with a keynote on China’s outbound tourism post-virus, but also a lot of up-to-date information from various speakers. Gary Bowerman of Check-In Asia provides close-ups from his office in Kuala Lumpur about the re-start of Chinese outbound tourism to Southeast Asia, Olivier Henry-Biadaud, CEO of TCI Research shares the latest results of measuring the travel sentiment of Chinese outbound travellers. These include the fact that persons living in China have a stronger desire to travel to Europe as soon as possible than any inhabitants of the other key markets including USA, Russia, Brazil and Japan. Gazi Haxhia of Landways International stresses the point that now is the time to intensify communication with the Chinese market to tell them about your ongoing support and sympathy and the new products and services waiting for them.

Do not miss the ADVANTAGE: TOURISM MASTERCLASS tomorrow (9th) or day after tomorrow (10th)! It is free of charge and offer 70 minutes packed with up-to-date information plus 30 minutes of opportunities to ask questions specific to the development in your part of the world.

Dec. 9th 16:00 h (Beijing time) for Asia and the Pacific, to register CLICK HERE

Dec. 10th 10:00 h (Berlin time) for Europe, Africa and the Middle East, to register CLICK HERE

Dec. 10th 11:00 h (New York time) for North, Central and South America to register CLICK HERE


As a subscriber of COTRI Weekly, your seat is guaranteed. If you cannot register anymore using the links above because the masterclass is fully booked, give us a shout at and we will make sure that we will still find a way to squeeze you in.

Best wishes as always from Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arlt and the COTRI WEEKLY team!


PS This week’s episode of 88 CTT Handy Hints for the Chinese Outbound Tourism Market concentrates on Wechat mini programme. It is released together with the COTRI Weekly. Have a look at the video on our YouTube.


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