The end of the river – a delta?

Guessing the date of the return of Chinese visitors and the chance to virtually exhibit at the GITF

by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arlt FRGS FRAS

After treating you to classical poetry by Winnie-The-Pooh last week, this time it is more applied lyrics:

If you do not shake the bottle, none will come, and then a lot’ll.

Attributed to Frederic Ogden Nash, a New Yorker poet, it reflects the frustration of many stakeholders in current tourism: Several times the hope for a restart of tourism especially in Asia has been crushed in the bud by new flares of CoViD-19, but it is to be expected that the return will be fast and furious, once it comes.

Maybe for China, we will have to wait for the appointment of a new vice minister of tourism. Li Jinzao, the last one, actually the first after CNTA was incorporated into the Ministry of Culture, which became the Ministry of Culture and Tourism accordingly, was put under investigation one year ago in July 2020 for “serious violations of laws and regulations”. In September Li Jinzao was removed from the post of vice minister of Culture and Tourism and in January 2021 he was expelled from the Communist Party of China and removed from public office. His whereabouts are unknown and no new vice minister has been appointed publicly until now.

 “When will China open its borders again?” was also the first question in last week’s EUSME & COTRI workshop for small and medium size enterprises in the European Union. Maybe the answer will become clearer on August 6th, when COTRI organises a virtual workshop during the GITF Guangzhou International Tourism Fair. An important point to add: International organisers can order a Virtual Booth at the fair from COTRI for only 85 Euro and full-service packages with a booth and one-to-one meetings for 260 Euro. There is even a cheaper way: Participants, who buy a CTT China Tourism Training with 20% Summer Discount before the end of the month, get a Virtual Booth at GITF for free!

Use your chance to restart now, remember the ketchup – and then a lot’ll!

As always, best wishes from Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arlt and the complete COTRI Weekly team!

PS The new podcast series COTRI Talks went online last week and can be downloaded under the link