Your Destination & CoVid-19

In a few months, when the coronavirus panic will be over, more Chinese tourists than ever before will start to travel to your destination again. Now is the time to answer the questions how to interact with Chinese business partners, how to use the time to adapt your destination further as a specific product for the Chinese market and how to prepare for the post-virus wave of Chinese tourists.
COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute is offering a one-hour webinar “Chinese Outbound Tourism to your destination and CoViD-19”, customised and ready for broadcasting to inform and support all tourism and hospitality service providers in your  destination. It will be presented by COTRI’s CEO Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arlt.

1 Welcome and Introduction
2 Your destination Situation today
3 Trends of global Chinese outbound tourism at the end of 2019 and how they will change in 2020
4 Trends of Chinese outbound tourism to your destination at the end of 2019 and how they will change in 2020
5 The development of the CoViD 19 crisis
6 Tips, Experiences and Best Practice, example about how to master the crisis
7 Practical ideas how to prepare for the next wave of Chinese outbound travellers to your destination
8 Questions and Answers

  • All webinar participants will receive a personal participation certificate from COTRI
  • The complete customised webinar will be delivered within one week after signing of the agreement
  • The date for broadcasting the webinar can be freely decided
  • Total payment for the provision of all services and materials listed 2 500 EURO
  • Price does not include VAT
  • Bank fees will be paid by the client
  • 100% of the payment to be paid after receiving the invoice within one week
  • All documents are delivered in English
  • COTRI is permitted to name client as customer in its online and offline marketing materials


"On the 28th of February 2020 COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute organised for Nepal Tourism Board a webinar under the title "Chinese outbound tourism to Nepal and CoViD-19". The more than 200 attendees from all walks of the Nepali tourism and hospitality industry were very satisfied with the content of the webinar and the presentation by COTRI CEO Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arlt. The mixture of substantial information and customised recommendations based on Best Practice Examples helped the participants to prepare well for the current situation but more importantly for the next wave of Chinese visitors to Nepal after the coronavirus crisis is over. We are thankful to COTRI for this timely and useful support of tourism development in Nepal."

Mr. Deepak Joshi,
former CEO of NTB Nepal Tourism Board

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