World Bridge Tourism


Funded by the European Union, the World Bridge Tourism Project serves as a curtain raiser for the forthcoming 2018 EU-China Tourism Year. The World Bridge Tourism project will be supported by an extensive programme of research and webinars aimed at increasing the understanding of the needs of Chinese visitors within the European tourism community.

Following the World Bridge Tourism Shanghai event held on 9th-10th May, 2017, the 2nd and 3rd of November will see the “Preparing for the 2018 EU-China Tourism Year” World Bridge Tourism Project event will take place in London. The event will take the form of a conference held on the first day, followed by a B2B workshop on the second.

Aimed particularly at European SMEs looking to find out more about the Chinese market, the World Bridge Tourism conference will focus on best practice examples and information regarding the changing needs and expectations of Chinese outbound tourists to Europe. Chaired by COTRI Director Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arlt and Head of Research Dr. Minjuan Deng-Westphal, the conference will see examination of various key consumer trends seen among Chinese consumers in Europe and discussion of how European SMEs might go about reaching them in the future.

The conference will involve a high level of audience interaction, with attendees having the ability to take part in polls and answer questions via a specialised app, which, in turn, will influence the discussion taking place at the conference.

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For more information regarding webinars connected to the World Bridge Tourism Project, please see refer to our World Bridge Tourism Webinars page.