Things from Afar –
Selling non-Chinese regional products
to the Chinese market the easy way

O+ Mall App offers the perfect way for National and Regional Tourism Marketing Organisations to stay in touch with the Chinese outbound travel market through merchandise and information without cost and for SMEs producing regional products (food, beverages, handicrafts, art, apparel, souvenirs, musical instruments etc.) O+ Mall App provides a new market without any need to understand the details of online trading and marketing in China.

All products are sold to the established O+ Mall App with a certificate „NOT Made in China“ for the Chinese to remember their trips, dream of a destination, or prepare for future trips once the borders open again. Chinese consumers especially in 2nd and lower-tier cities can get access to international products or restock the wine, Craft Beer, or sweets they brought home last time.

The O+ Mall App is operated in China by Oplus, a company based in Finland and China with its own bonded warehouses and sales and marketing teams.

COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute is your partner to guarantee success with advice on the right way of storytelling for the Chinese market and as a matchmaker between regional tourism marketing organisations and regional producers to jointly address the Chinese market.

O+ Mall App is doing all the work for you in China. Participation in three easy steps:

  1. Select suitable products together with O+ Mall App experts, agree on net prices for each product
  2. Become a partner of O+ Mall, make products ready for collection by a forwarding company organised by O+ Mall (high value items can stay with partner and transported to China by air after sold)
  3. Get your monthly sales report and payment for all items sold to your account in USD or Euro

That’s all! Customs, Chinese import and health certificates, storage in a bonded warehouse, translation of product information, inclusion into App, marketing, sales, invoicing, customer relations – all is done in China by Oplus without you having to bother with language hurdles and bureaucratic procedures.

COTRI helps you with all questions you might have and makes sure that the sales report and the payment arrives on time with you.

  • Support with a selection of goods / information
  • Support if wished with matchmaking producer – DMOs
  • Organisation of transport of goods to China
  • Certificate production “NOT Made in China”
  • In China: Customs procedures, safety and health certificates, storage in bonded warehouse
  • Translation of information about goods into Chinese, inclusion in O+ Mall App including photo of product
  • Complete sales process in China
  • Marketing in China for O+ Mall
  • Monthly report of sales and remittance of money in Euro or USD within 30 days
  • Special for COTRI partners: Free 60 min. training video: Online Sales in China

Annual membership and service fee and transportation cost, no other hidden cost

Membership and service fee per year: 2,500 Euro (plus VAT if applicable)

Transportation cost according to quotation by the forwarding company

  • Development of special products / packaging / storytelling for Chinese market
  • Support in a Marketing campaign in China
  • Customised Market Research
  • Production of newsletter or other information specifically for customers in China who bought products of partner company
  • Support in hybrid physical and virtual sales and promotion campaigns in China
  • Support of fair participation
  • In 2022 permanent O+ Mall physical sales fairs will be organised in different cities in China