i2i China


Established in 1999, with offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, they bring buyers and sellers together, providing access, exposure and successful business development in China and around the world.

Offering multidimensional media products, including: print, digital, social media, digital business, live, consultancy, PR-communications and general business management, they accelerate opportunities for luxury brands, retailers, airlines, hotels, destinations and other enterprises in answering, “what should I be doing in China?”.

Headquartered in Shanghai, with offices in Beijing, Hong Kong, Germany and the United States, they offer total solutions, with creative people, in a unique working environment.

  • International experience

Led by a native New Yorker who has rich international experience in the fields of media, events and PR Communications

  • China talents

Staff working at i2i China are bilingual talented, communication with us no boundary.

  • Creative ideas

Creative and “crazy” ideas for your marketing promotion programs in China market.

  • Friendly and action-oriented

They are friendly and action-oriented. Once decision is made, you are on the way to get there.

The company has always had a philosophy to watch trends in order to provide a context for clients, as well as assist them in redefining and reshaping their goals, product or business. They take pride in the fact that those who have enlisted his expertise have successfully forged a leading role in their business categories and are serving their markets in the most effective and productive manner possible.