COTRI Ebooks

Every week, the COTRI WEEKLY editing group of the COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute carefully selects the most important online news items about China’s outbound tourism for a quick and comprehensive overview. These news are supplemented by an Editorial which is written every week exclusively for the COTRI WEEKLY, covering a wide range of different topics, from latest statistics to stories from the early days of China’s tourism development.

Each of the COTRI MARKET REPORT eBooks contains the complete content of the respective CMR and documents the development of China’s outbound tourism. Each issue provides detailed information about specific regions and topics, information which is still very useful today as a base for forecasts and decisions about future engagement with the Chinese outbound market.

Tourism post-CoViD-19 will have to move towards a new paradigm, adding levels of TRUST and SATISFACTION to the KPIs of destinations and tourism service providers. WOM² – Word of Mouth and Word of Mouse – recommendation marketing based on customer-focused product adaptation and digitalisation needs to gain more attention and government support instead of ineffective social media marketing.