Dragon Trail & COTRI Travel Pulse Videos

Chinese travel-focused digital marketing agency Dragon Trail Interactive and COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute partnered to produce the China Outbound Travel Pulse video series, aimed at exploring different aspects of Chinese outbound tourism in an informative, yet light-hearted way.

Based on fresh, relevant topics, the videos not only offer informative, entertaining updates on the Chinese outbound tourism market, but also convey real insights into consumer habits, decision-making processes and travel preferences of the Chinese tourism market.

Altogether 26 videos were produced. Find the latest episode and a link to all of them below!

COTRI Partner

Dragon Trail Interactive is an award-winning digital marketing and solutions agency helping travel organizations reach and connect with affluent consumers and the travel trade in China. Founded in 2009 by industry veterans, Dragon Trail Interactive was one of the first digital marketing agencies to recognize the significance of the Chinese outbound travel market to international destinations and the tremendous potential of Chinese social media as a way to tap into that market. Dragon Trail Interactive works with tourism boards, hotels, cruise lines, airlines, attractions and other travel brands. The company is headquartered in Beijing with offices in Shanghai and Xi’an, and international branches in London, and Lexington, USA.

Dragon Trail Interactive (UK)

Tel: +86-10-6266 7530 (in UK: +44 (0)20 3858 7823)

E-mail: communications@dragontrail.com

Website: www.dragontrail.com

Address: 20-22 Wenlock Road, London N1 7GU