COTRI & ForwardKeys Expert series

Two market-leading companies are combining their expertise to provide businesses with essential data in the field of Chinese outbound travel.
Delivered through four exclusive expert sessions per year, the series provides Chinese outbound market analysis by experts from both COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute and ForwardKeys, drawing on both organisations’ own areas of corporate specialisation. Each expert session will feature professional analysis of key topical themes led by COTRI and ForwardKeys experts.

The most recent expert session on September 26th included the following topics

1. 2018 performance review

  • Year-to-date Chinese outbound tourism growth
  • Most popular destinations
  • Groups vs. FIT performance

2. Looking Ahead: China National Golden Week & Q4 booking situations 

  • Forward booking situation so far
  • Top performing destinations and worst performing destinations
  • Major events that impact bookings and influence tourist behaviour
  1. Phuket boat accident
  2. China-US trade war
  3. Chinese Yuan’s falling value

3. Destination shift – which destinations are hot, and among whom?

  • Destination choices among different demographic groups
  1. Younger travellers (0-29 yrs & 30-49 yrs)
  2. Older travellers (50+)
  3. Business travellers
  4. VFRs (Visit Friend and Relatives)
  • Travel preferences among Chinese outbound travellers with different purposes

The general structure of each China Outbound Expert Session

  • Outbound China: Relevant Performance Data Based on Updated Booking Transaction
  • Topical Flight Data Combined with Background Analysis
  • Analysis of Relevant Trends in the Demand Structure and Behaviour of Chinese Travellers


  • -/+ 45 mins expert session broadcast on GoToWebinar platform
  • Quantitative analysis, up-to-date insights, strategies and guidance concerning China’s outbound travel market 2018
  • Opportunity to submit three questions directly to the presenters for personalised solutions
  • The featured expert content, the data included in the PowerPoint, will be shared with you after the session.


750 EUR / per expert session

2,250 EUR / annual subscription (including 4 expert sessions)

Special Offer:

  • Each registration accounts for 4 participants.
  • Sign up for an annual subscription within a month after the session and top
    up the difference.

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