Chinese Outbound Tourism 2017-2019 Week by Week

Chinese Outbound Tourism 2017-2019 Week by Week. The 100 best Editorials of COTRI WEEKLY

Every week, the COTRI WEEKLY editing group of the COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute carefully selects the most important online news items about China’s outbound tourism for a quick and comprehensive overview. These news are supplemented by an Editorial which is written every week exclusively for the COTRI WEEKLY, covering a wide range of different topics, from latest statistics to stories from the early days of China’s tourism development.

Many of the editorials focus on a specific destination or a specific market segment and are still worth reading after some time has passed. Information about destinations from all continents can be found from Jamaica to the Azores Islands, from Iceland to Madagascar, from Papua New Guinea to New Zealand, to name just a few islands as examples. Specific market segments include kids and grandparents, serious leisure fans like foodies and flamenco aficionados, business travellers and many more.

The 100 best editorials are now published in a new eBook just out, providing useful reading with an index for all geographical and personal names mentioned for easy reference. They reflect all the changes of China’s outbound tourism on a micro-level of particular developments as well as on the macro-level of national statistics and general policy developments.

The book Chinese Outbound Tourism 2017-2019 Week by Week – The 100 Best Editorial of COTRI WEEKLY (Editor: Wolfgang Georg Arlt) can be purchased as an eBook (ePUB and PDF) suitable for all eBook readers from the COTRI website

ISBN 978-3-944757-11-7, 133 pages, price: 50 Euro.