COTRI Accelerator Pack

Your all-in-one package for a successful engagement with the Chinese outbound tourism market

For companies starting to engage with the Chinese outbound tourism, the China Outbound Tourism Accelerator Pack presents an all-in-one solution offering COTRI products and services, designed to make your first steps into the market successful.

The China Outbound Tourism Accelerator Pack gives you the information you need to make a successful entry into the Chinese outbound tourism market. COTRI’s experience in analysing this source market can become your own advantage as you begin to engage with Chinese travellers.

The China Outbound Tourism Accelerator Pack contains:

  • A 20-page step-by-step manual, with checklists for your market entry;
  • A one-year subscription to the COTRI Market Report, starting with the most recent edition;
  • Quantitative Data for a destination of your choice for one year, starting from the most recent quarter;
  • A list of the 50 most important Chinese tour operators, online travel agencies, social media marketing partners as well as the main sources for contacting Chinese Key Opinion Leaders;
  • A List of the 15 most important free online sources of information on Chinese outbound tourism;
  • A list of the 10 most important tourism fairs about Chinese outbound tourism in China;
  • A 30 minute one-to-one online consulting call with a COTRI expert.
  • A one-page Chinese-language profile of your company or organisation

As you use your China Outbound Tourism Accelerator Pack, you will learn everything you need to know to start your involvement with Chinese tourists:

  • How to develop a successful strategy for the Chinese outbound tourism market;
  • How to choose the right market segments in China and how to adapt your products to their specific needs;
  • How to facilitate and accelerate your integration into the market;
  • How to find your unique advantages and integrate your offer within a network
  • How to attract Chinese customers also during low season and to underutilised spaces and activities.

The China Outbound Tourism Accelerator Pack is designed to empower your company, organisation or institution with information, insights, updates, advice, help and customised consulting.

  • Four quarterly datasets for a destination of your choice, two editions of COTRI Market Report, three lists of crucial contacts and information sources;
  • A 20-page manual helping to transform all the knowledge acquired into concrete business development steps;
  • A phone or Skype call with a COTRI expert to answer your remaining questions or comment on your specific ideas.

The accumulative value of all these COTRI products and services exceeds €3,000.

To get you started, COTRI has the pleasure to offer the  China Outbound Tourism Accelerator Pack to you for only €999,-

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