• National or regional tourism destinations and relevant government authorities
  • Service provider in tourism and hospitality with relevant critical mass of capacity

Does CoViD-19 recovery and resilience means purely waiting and providing sanitation protocols until the old system, patterns and ways of thinking can be restored?

We don´t think so.

  • There is evidence of significant changes in how people travel, work, eat, sleep and spend their money.
  • There is evidence that there was a need to react to the growing challenges of overtourism, climate change, decreasing margins and decreasing levels of satisfaction of travellers, staff and locals alike even before the virus struck.
  • There is evidence that tourism destinations and providers can use these changes to gain an advantage in developing a better and more sustainable qualitative and quantitative development of their recovery and the new decade.

COTRI has partnered with knowledgeable and experienced professional experts and major technology partners to provide a proven yet substantial and sustainable approach of providing your destination and offerings with a competitive edge for the “new normal”.

This goes by

  • An outside and comprehensive analysis of your current status, organisation, products and services.
  • A best in class competence building for highly relevant source markets, in particular CHINA, the most important source market globally pre-Covid-19 and post-Covid-19, and other significant source markets based on your strategy. However, although many destinations had significant business from China, most are running below potential due to lack of knowledge, lack of sufficiently adapted products, lack of access to relevant distribution partners and lack of digitalisation. COTRI is the international market leader for building Chinese outbound tourism competencies, helping you to invest in the empowerment of local tourism service providers instead of pouring money into the black hole of Chinese Social Media marketing.
  • Establishing and developing task force peer and project groups with local management, transforming management know how into value production.
  • Covering all significant aspects in organizational, product and service development to developing a set of embedded sustainable value driven KPIs, leveraging data, training and support in a well proven structured approach.
Programme partners: 
COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute Leading experts for the Chinese outbound market. Provider of CTT China Tourism Training Online ProgrammeCEO Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arlt FRGS FRAS  Recent publication: Welcoming the New Chinese Outbound Tourists. Guest relationships with Chinese visitors in the 2020s
Trend Transfer Incubator for ideas and connections that will expand your business into new marketsCEO Richard Adam Recent publication: Paradigm Shift in Core Competencies for Post-Covid-19 Recovery
Stocastic.World Supporting innovation and value productionCEO Dr. Rudy Snippe Thought leader, inventor and creative force
Landways International Leading Tour operator for Chinese visitors in Southeast EuropeCEO Gazmend Haxhia Former DAVOS World Economic Summit award winner, co-founder of POLIS University
Technology partners: 
PLANET Leading Fintech company for cashless payment and VAT refundRebekka Baer, Head of Business Development
TENCENT Provider of WeChat (1.2 billion users), Mini Programmes and other technology solutionsHayden Huang, Sales Director, Tencent Cloud Europe
TCI Data Setting standards in travel data-based competitive intelligenceCEO Olivier Henry-Biabaud

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