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COTRI Analytics

COTRI Analytics, used by Bloomberg L.P. since 2015, provides the most reliable data and analysis for 80 key destinations to companies, organisations and media outlets around the world. COTRI Analytics empowers the users to deeply understand the Chinese outbound tourism market, to recognise trends and guide their investment and other business strategy decisions.

Why Chinese outbound tourism?

China is the biggest tourism source market in the world. 145 million border crossings were made by Chinese nationals in 2017. Chinese outbound travellers move from sightseeing to experience, from brands to lifestyle. They can be attracted to new products, new places, new activities, new times of the year, bringing not only more, but a different kind of business – if they feel welcome and offered products according to their specific needs and expectations.

How can COTRI help?

COTRI offers solutions for tourism companies and organisations, and for destinations and retailers. We provide strategies and support for sustainable and successful engagement with relevant segments of the Chinese outbound market, and customised research and consulting, quantitative data and qualitative insights, training and certification, based on decades of experience and a dedicated global network.

Built upon strong partnerships and a dynamic working environment, COTRI serves as the leading independent organisation in the field of Chinese outbound tourism, both helping clients to forge profitable relations with Chinese customers, as well as fostering the growth of Chinese outbound tourism.


Some of COTRI's previous and ongoing projects



Number of newly launched direct flights from mainland China

Number of countries and regions with visa-free or visa-on-arrival policies for Chinese visitors

Expenditure by Chinese outbound travellers in 2016 in billion USD

Percent increase of Chinese arrivals to Moroco in 2016 compared to the previous year



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