COTRI Qualitative Data


Subscribing to COTRI’s Qualitative Data Service empowers you with all the market insights you need to track the performance of your marketing efforts in the world’s largest outbound tourism market.

COTRI’s Qualitative Data subscription provides a 360-degree picture on how your brand/product(s) is perceived in China and completes the picture by employing expert insights and analysis to truly make the findings valuable.

  • Quarterly Social Media Insights
  • Quarterly Professional Media Insights
  • Biannual Expert Insights
  • Biannual Focus Group discussions
  • Biannual Report on the general market
  • Annual Year-End report


Social Media Insights

COTRI continuously monitors relevant discussions about your brand/product(s) and/or competitors on Chinese social networks to allow you to stay on top of what people are saying about what is important to you.

  • Quarterly 15-page report
  • Including translated, relevant quotes

Professional Media Insights

Although social media is becoming the number one platform for dissemination of information and opinion in China, professional media is still incredibly important with enormous circulation and voices from Chinese key opinion leaders. COTRI helps you stay on top of what is being published in professional media related to you.

  • Quarterly 15-page report
  • Including translated, relevant quotes and summaries

Focus Group Discussions

To get the full picture of how your brand/product(s) are being perceived, COTRI employs high-context communication through biannual focus group discussions entirely focused on you. This allows the provision of deeper insights into the perceptions about the brand/product(s) and further enables full discretion in regards to what topics are to be discussed in detail by the participants.

  • Full translated documentation of biannual focus group discussions
  • Flexible in regards to content and customer segments targeted

Expert Panel Discussions

Leveraging COTRI’s extensive network of industry experts and partners throughout China and the world, expert panel discussions are provided to discuss and evaluate your marketing performance and development in the growing Chinese market.

  • Full documentation of expert panel discussions
  • Benchmarking and evaluation
  • Recent industry developments in relation to your products

Year-End Report

In addition, a year-end report is delivered annually, analysing and discussing your organisation’s performance and development in regards to the data collected throughout the year – providing important insights and expert analysis.

COTRI Market Report

In addition to the completely customised insights provided, COTRI’s qualitative data subscription also includes a the biannual COTRI Market Report that discusses the overall trends and developments related to the Chinese outbound tourism market.

  • Biannual insights into the overall market
  • Stay on top of the rapidly developing Chinese market