Portfolio Case Study 2

COTRI data@2015 COTRI

Task: Providing meaningful data and forecast about the development of China’s Outbound Tourism

COTRI Project time needed: Ongoing

Result: Tourism and Hospitality Service Providers, Retailers and Tourism investment companies receive reliable data and forecasts to identify developments and trends as a base for strategy and investment decisions.

Project Details:

Chinese outbound tourism data are notoriously confusing. Chinese customs statistics only note the first port of call after crossing the border of Mainland China, host destinations are not distinguishing between Chinese nationals residing inside and outside of China, many countries still record Hong Kong, Macau and/or Taiwan passport holders together with Mainland Chinese. Data including the 60% of all outbound trips ending in Hong Kong SAR or Macau SAR distort the picture for long-distance travel. Chinese media reports sometimes mix up millions and billions, CNTA changes the way of calculating outbound travels backwards in time without publishing the revised figures…

COTRI is providing since 2013 quarterly data sets seen on Bloomberg screens all over the world, including socio-demographic information for a number of main destinations.

COTRI is providing both standard and customised data series and forecasts including spending patterns of different market segments together with executive summaries analysing the most important underlying reasons for the developments.

Based on permanent research, long-standing experience and global networks, COTRI is able to rise above the noise of bad data and to see through sensational but unrealistic survey results. Do the Chinese outbound travellers spend most of their money on shopping? Yes in Hong Kong, No on a trip to Mexico. Do the majority of them travel without using tour operators? Yes for South Korea, No for Kenya. Will Barcelona still be a “hot” destination in 2017? For some segments of the source market: Yes, for others: No.

COTRI is proud to provide the best possible data and forecast for the Chinese outbound tourism market to its clients. More information: jasienicka@china-outbound.com