Market Entry & Expansion

Standard Offers

COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute offers standardised consultancy packages that are competitively priced and tailored according to customers demand and proven combinations of services.

COTRI offers a wide range of products appropriate for small- and medium-sized companies, organisations and destinations at different stages of penetrating the Chinese outbound tourism market.

Aside from our standard offers, we also offer completely customised consultancy according to your needs and ambitions. If your situation and plans need specific customised research and strategy development, please contact us for more information on how COTRI can provide bespoke solutions tailored for your organisation.

The COTRI Consultancy Standard Offers are designed so that they can be purchased separately, but they can also easily be combined to form very powerful solutions. For some examples, please click here.

How to enter or expand in the Chinese Outbound tourism market

Getting a solid starting point:

  • All you need to know about the source market China
  • What Chinese potential customers and tourism experts are saying about your product
  • How to develop a general strategy for the source market China
  • Guidance from a COTRI expert


  • Subscription to the COTRI Market Report
  • 30-page report focused on your activities and ambitions
  • Netnography: 15-page report with translated quotes and user-generated content about your products and relevant discussions on Chinese social media clustered by category
  • Workshop with COTRI Expert for strategy development

Getting deeper into the Chinese outbound tourism market with the big Entry & Expansion solution


  • A full-year subscription of COTRI Market Report (one additional issue)
  • 30-page customised, strategy-focused report
  • 15-page report about customer perceptions
  • Full documentation of two interviews with Chinese tourism experts with relevant expertise
  • Full-day workshop for strategy development
    • 40-slide presentation with results and recommendations
    • Full-day workshop (travel cost in Europe included, outside Europe: quote on request)

What we offer:

  • Assistance for service providers outside China in identifying and contacting suitable Chinese outbound tour operators and other potential distribution partners

Level 1

Distribution Partner Search

  • Analysis of products, website, marketing materials to guide the search
  • Identifying and contacting suitable and interested distribution partners

Level 2

Meeting Interested Distribution Partners

  • Setting up meetings with interested partners
  • Assistance during the meeting, or
  • Conducting the meeting on your behalf

Level 3

Organising a FAM Trip for Interested Tour Operators

  • Support before the FAM, including selection of participants, visa support, pre-trip workshop, etc.
  • Support during FAM trip, including developing an itinerary, tour guides, feedback workshop, etc.
  • Support after FAM trip, including collection and translation of texts produced, Q&A after return, etc.

The Feedback Loop allows you to use COTRI as your external research department that swiftly finds solutions and answers to identified challenges and opportunities

  • Easy to organise
  • Competitive price
  • Fast and reliable answers to smaller research and consultancy questions within five working days
  • Quick and simple: all you need to do is to tell us what you would like to know


  1. Request by call or email
  2. Agreement instantly or within 24 hours on how many person-days are required to fill the request
  3. Delivery of answers/solutions within five working days either by telephone conference or written document

Competitive pricing available for single person-day or as packages of 10 or 20 person-days.

The Personal Expert provides continuous support for your organisation as you are expanding in the Chinese market. A leading COTRI expert will continuously evaluate and give recommendations on how to proceed in regards to the Chinese outbound tourism market. With vast expertise, knowledge and strategic insights, COTRI is able to provide unparalleled support and guidance.

With The Personal Expert you get high-level counselling in regards to the Chinese outbound tourism market with a COTRI expert, including biannual consultancy sessions where you can sit down with a COTRI expert and get into depth with your strategies and ambitions looking forward.

What we offer:

  • Biannual strategy workshop with COTRI expert discussing China outbound tourism business activities, strategies, and your past and future plans in the market
  • Continuous Guidance and Counselling


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