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The CTW Training Programme helps tourism service providers to position themselves at the forefront of the biggest global outbound tourism source market by understanding the different market segments, learning to successfully adapt products and by communicating the  special attention given to the market to Chinese tour operators and self-organised travellers.

COTRI’s CTW Online Training will be officially launched on Wednesday 8th March, 2017 at ITB Berlin. Be sure to check back on the COTRI website for further information.

The CTW Training Programme is offered as:

  • Online programme for self-study
  • In-house training with customised content within a company or organisation
  • Open training for all tourism service providers in a destination offered by a local organisation or by COTRI Country Partners

The Chinese Tourist Welcome Training Programme is recommended by the ETC European Travel Commission, has been endorsed by PATA Pacific AsiaTravel Association and has been awarded the GREAT China Welcome Charter Mark of VisitBritain.



CTW Training Programme participants are coming from businesses, organisations and institutions of all sizes, operating in any sector of the tourism and leisure industry outside China, including:

  • Local, regional and national tourism organisations Participants
  • Hotels and hotel chains
  • Inbound tour operators
  • Destination marketing organisations
  • Leisure and culture institutions
  • Attractions
  • Events
  • Transportation and mobility companies
  • Retail companies
  • Theme parks
  • Casinos
  • Investment support
  • Consulting Services
  • Transportation infrastructure organisers

Conducted by COTRI Country Partners

The CTW Training Programme is also conducted by COTRI Country Partners. COTRI Country Partners are qualified training providers located all around the world, delivering the CTW Training Programme:

  • In the local language
  • Using local examples next to international best practices
  • Based on local contacts and region-specific knowledge and experiences
  • With local know-how in over 55 regions and countries

You can find more information about COTRI Country Partners here.


  • Providing participants with focused information based on scientific research as well as practical experiences about the special characteristics, needs, expectations and behaviour of Chinese travellers
  • Enabling participants to adapt tourism and retail products and services, to develop adequate strategies and facilitate quality assurance
  • Offering participants the opportunity to start a sustainable and successful engagement with Chinese tourists


  • Successful participants acquire certification as Chinese Tourist Welcome Quality Host for two years, renewable with branch-specific CTW training
  • Certification verifiable on COTRI's English language website, as well as COTRI’s Chinese language website ChineseTouristWelcome.cn
  • Companies and organisations can apply for the CTW Quality Organisation certification if at least two of its employees hold valid CTW Quality Host certification


The Chinese Tourist Welcome Training Programme offers deep insights into the characteristics, expectations, motivations and needs of Chinese travellers, enabling tourism service providers to deliver high quality the Chinese way. The CTW trainings consist of 4 main modules:

Module 0                           Introduction

Module 1                           Background – China as international tourism source market and Chinese customers

Module 2                           Travel motivation, expectations, needs and behaviour of Chinese visitors

Module 3                           Language, service and ambience

Module 4                           Product adaptation, marketing

Multiple Choice Test


Each main Module last 90 minutes:

  • 45 min. PowerPoint based presentation
  • 10 min. of questions and answers about lecture content
  • 20 min. group activities connected to the content of the module
  • 15 min. discussion of group activities results


Cities have the opportunity to receive the CTW Quality City certification as an efficient and affordable way of highlighting the preparedness of the tourism service providers in the destination for Chinese visitors based on the CTW Training Programme. In order to receive the CTW Quality City certification, cities can through their Destination Marketing Organisations or through other ways, offer CTW Chinese Tourist Welcome Trainings for tourism service providers in the city. The CTW Quality City certification requires that at least one training session is held each year. The first training session must be held before the CTW Quality City certification is granted, and the validity of the certification is always for twelve months after the last CTW training session was held. It can be continuously renewed.


  • CTW training session(s) implemented by COTRI trainers
  • 1 year CTW Quality City certification
  • Right to display COTRI CTW Quality City certification on all marketing materials and communication
  • Successful participants receive certification as CTW Quality Hosts
  • Successful participating organisations receive certification as CTW Quality Organisations
  • 1 year free subscription to COTRI Market Report (value EUR 1,600 Euro)
  • Certified city featured on COTRI platforms
  • 5% discount on COTRI services
  • Any extra income generated by CTW training session(s) through participants’ fees, sponsors etc. remains with the Destination Marketing Organisation or other organising body

For information about all CTW Quality Organisation and Quality Destination certificate holders click here.

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