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China Outbound Tourism Research Institute, starting in January, will be releasing a new series of publications that will help your business develop strategies with in-depth market insights, comprehensive qualitative analyses, and future prospects.

The series of COTRI Global and Regional Market Reports provide state-of-the-art insights into the Chinese Outbound Tourism market. The COTRI Global Market Report, published twice a year, offers the latest available data, statistics, and information. The four COTRI Regional Market Reports will discuss each region in detail - Europe in March, Asia-Pacific in April, the Americas in September, and Africa and the Indian Ocean in October.

The combined reports provide the most up-to-date and most comprehensive source of information.

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Premium Swiss Travel partnering with COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute in Switzerland

A new wave of Chinese tourist are seeking unique experiences in exotic as well as traditional destinations. To prepare for their specific demands, destination marketing organisations and service providers have to be trained to learn how to attract the new customers.

This is the case also in Switzerland, a country with many unrealised unique selling propositions for the Chinese market under the framework of 'Alps, palaces and luxurious city breaks', specifically in the city of Geneva, where a strategy is being put in place eiming at high levels of quality towards the Chinese tourism market.

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COTRI has launched its very first e-book with the launch of a new, intriguing and innovative publication "China's Tourism Development: Situation, Analysis and Future Perspective 2013". To find out more about the e-book click here.