COTRI Market Report


COTRI Market Report provides expert insights into the worldwide developments of China’s outbound tourism market by offering qualitative analysis, numbers and information plus several special topics in each issue.

Discover the latest trends in the Chinese outbound tourism market. Develop a successful business strategy with in-depth market insights, comprehensive analysis, and future prospects.

COTRI Market Report is a comprehensive bi-annual in-depth analysis of the Chinese Outbound Tourism Market providing expert insights into:

  • The current market situation, latest developments and trends
  • Conditions that influence the Chinese outbound environment
  • Characteristics of different market segments and Chinese travellers
  • Major developments and other events taking place within the Chinese travel industry

Plus selected best practice examples and several special topics in each issue.

COTRI Market Report is published every six months

COTRI Market Report Spring 2017 – Table of Contents:


Chapter A – An Overview of the Chinese Outbound Tourism Market

Review of 2016

Development Conditions for Chinese Outbound Tourism

Issues in the Development of Chinese Outbound Toursm

Chapter B – Chinese Travellers, Tourist Source Cities and Seasons of Travel

Market Segmentation

Chinese Tourist Source Cities

Chinese Travellers’ Holidays Across the Year

Chapter C – Distribution System and Tourism Marketing

Distribution Through the Chinese Tourism Industry

Tourism Marketing in China

Chapter D – Destination Development

The European Perspective

Chinese Outbound Tourists and Food

Chapter E – Smog-Induced Tourism

The Smog Problem

Impact on Chinese Outbound Tourism

Current Market


Chapter F – Special Region: Australia and New Zealand

Arrival Numbers and Expenditure

Policies Influencing the Development of the Chinese Market

Destination Marketing

Flight Connections

Current Issues

Future Development

Chapter G – Interview: A Best Ager Package Group Traveller

Mrs. M’s Personal Profile

Outbound Travel and Expenditure in General

Analysis of the Interview


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COTRI Market Report Autumn 2016 – Table of Contents:


Chapter A –  An Overview Of The Chinese Outbound Tourism Market

Developments in H1 2016

Economic Conditions for Chinese Outbound Travel

Political Conditions

Technical Conditions

International Flight Connections

Visa Requirements

Major Events in H1 2016

Chapter B – Profiling Chinese Cities As Tourist Source Markets

The Evolving Habits of Chinese Outbound Travellers

Profiling Chinese Cities as Tourist Source Markets

First Tier Cities

Selected Second Tier Cities

Chapter C – The Chinese Outbound Tourism Industry

Travel Administration in China

ADS, Tourism Law and Guidelines on Outbound Travel

Offline Travel Agencies

Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)

Inbound Tour Operators (ITOs)

Chapter D – Destination Marketing From The Perspective Of Host Cities

Chapter E – Special Topic: Outbound Study Tours

Chapter F – Special Region View: The United States

Chapter G – Interview: An Experienced Chinese Travellers Visits To Popular Asian Destinations


COTRI Market Report Spring 2016 – Table of Contents:


Chapter A – Introduction to China’s Outbound Tourism Environment

Review of 2015

2015 in Numbers

Major Outbound Travel Events in 2015

Investment Wave Overseas

Economic Development

Political Environment

Legal Restrictions and Changes

Social and Cultural Trends

Chapter B – Profiling Chinese Travellers

Market Segmentation of Chinese Outbound Travellers

Purpose and Activities of Visitation

Characteristics and Travel Companions

Information Sources and Booking Channels

Travel Time and Seasonality of Chinese Travellers

Chapter C – Travel Distribution System

Chinese Offline Travel Agencies

Chinese Online Travel Agencies

Chapter D – Country and Regional Perspectives

Overview and Update for Europe

Overview and Update for the Americas

Overview and Updates for Asia and Oceania

Overview and Update for Africa

Chapter E – Special Topic: “Red Tourism”

Chapter F – Special Region Focus: Central and Eastern European Countries

Chapter G – Interview with an Experienced Chinese Traveller


COTRI Market Report Autumn 2015 – Selection from the Table of Contents:

1) China’s Outbound Tourism Environment

Economic, political, and social development trends in China in 2014/2015

Real estate market in China

China’s luxury market and the consumption patterns of High Net Worth Individuals

2) Current Situation of China’s Outbound Tourism Market

China’s outbound tourism development

Overview of China’s outbound tourism situation in 2014/2015 and up-to-date statistics

3) Characteristics and Profiles of Chinese Travellers

Different types of Chinese outbound travellers

Characteristics of independent travellers and package tourists

What are Chinese travellers attracted to?

Booking and spending patterns

4) Marketing for China’s Outbound Tourism Market

Product adaption and customisation

B2C marketing strategies and communication channels

B2B marketing strategies and communication channels

Best practice examples and checklists for different sectors

5) China’s Outbound Tourism in Selected Destinations

Special Insights to Chinese tourism to Europe

Special Insights to Chinese tourism to The Americas

Special Insights to Chinese tourism to Asia and Pacific

Special Insights to Chinese tourism to Africa

6) Special Topic: “Golden Visa”

7) Special Country: Cuba

8) Outlook, Summary and Future Prospects


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